Case study on the rise of

December 23, Assigned Task: The primary task assigned to S-E-A was to determine the origin, cause and development of the fire.

Case study on the rise of

Reddit Rise Forums is the internet community I launched in It focuses on many topics including affiliate marketing, WordPress, website development, hosting and domains, video and audio, and more.

As with any website, over time that good looking website design you once loved will start to look old and dated. A redesign of Rise Forums was long overdue. In this case study I would like to walk you through the changes I made to the forum and explain my reasoning along the way.

I hope you enjoy it. I have been using graphical applications such as Photoshop for sixteen years and I have not even mastered beginner techniques.

I even did a course on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash back in and all the information went in one ear and out the other.

Case study on the rise of

This has always been the case. Throughout school my reports said that I was top of the class but that my writing was atrocious. My handwriting remains terrible thank god for keyboards!

When it came to designing the original Rise Forums logo I took the quickest and cheapest route and created it myself. You can see the logo below. The original Rise Forums logo. There is no mystery as to how the original logo was designed. The logo served its purpose, however it was time to get something a little better.

It was clean, quick loading, and functional. I based the design on another design and made a lot of modifications to it to make the design my own. The old Rise Forums design.


Even when I launched Rise Forums, the design was dated in some ways. There were premium alternatives available at that time that offered more features. The footer in the old design was quite simple. Rise Forums never had any advertisements, but a short while ago I added some banners to the home page to see how they perform.

I also started to think about what else had to be changed from the old design. A forum room in the old design listing all the discussions in the room. Those of you who have participated at Rise Forums over the years will be familiar with the old design.

An example of a post in the old forum design. The forum design was not something that Rise Forums members ever brought up. In fact, when I did raise the issue about changing the design one time, quite a few members explained that they loved the simplicity of the forum design.

Whilst the old design was functional, it never projected the professionalism I wanted to convey. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to change things up. The Quest For a New Logo I find the act of getting a new logo designed one of the most frustrating tasks in internet marketing.

This is perhaps due to the number of bad experiences I have had with designers in the past. It did not matter if I paid hundreds of dollars for a design or whether I hired designers directly or via a competition; the result was always rushed. That is the reason why, despite my poor design skills, I have just designed basic logos for websites myself.

For this project, I knew I had to get the help from someone who was good at designing. Unfortunately, I encountered the same issues with the new Rise Forums logo as I did previously. I contacted lots of different companies and then hired a company that had an amazing portfolio.

I chatted with the company on Skype for a long time and explained what I was looking for. The next day they submitted a design that was nothing like what I explained.

They basically did not take anything I said on board. They apologised and I explained what was wrong and what I wanted. The same thing happened again and again.The purpose of this case study was to identify effective leadership practices of an African American principal in a high achieving school, and the relationship to those the leadership practices found in the literature.

This study focused on an African American female principal, located within the Piedmont geographical area of a southern state. Home Insights Case Studies United Petroleum: The global rise of an independent.

CASE STUDY United Petroleum: The global rise of an independent If you enjoyed this case study, click on the image below to see a white paper on the benefits of a well-deployed energy and commodity trading and risk management platform.

the rise and fall of enron: a case study The devastating effect of the Enron Scandal can be accounted from the simultaneous dissolution of Enron’s accounting partner, Arthur Andersen LLP which was one of the Big Five accounting and auditing firms.

Case study on the rise of

View NOKIA CASE STUDY from MBA organizati at Harvard University. THE RISE, DOMINANCE & FALL OF NOKIA HISTORY NOKIA in started out as a paper mill, . Nov 03,  · Dr. Case, investigating indicators of poor health, discovered that middle-aged people, unlike the young and unlike the elderly, were reporting more pain in recent years than in the past.

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