Cost management accounting (mgt402 assignment no. 02

Constant Value Type If the Value Type is set to Constant, you can select the specific account from the chart of accounts as the default general ledger account type of the Journal line type.

Cost management accounting (mgt402 assignment no. 02

Hire Writer Find the number of units that will appear in quantity schedule a.

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Find the value of per unit cost of both material and conversion cost a. None of given option 7.

Cost management accounting (mgt402 assignment no. 02

Find the value of cost transferred to next department: None of given option. In case of second department find the increase of per unit cost in case of unit lost. Cost received from previous department is Rs. Opening work in process inventory can be calculated under a. FIFO and Average costing b.

LIFO and Average costing c. None of the given option Choose one of the best choices. Calculate cost assigned to the December 31; finished goods inventory. None of given options 2. The main purpose of cost accounting is to: Help in inventory valuation c. Provide information to management for decision making d.

Aid in the fixation of selling price 3. The combination of direct material and direct labor is a. Total production Cost b.

Total manufacturing Cost 4. The cost expended in the past that cannot be retrieved on product or service a. When a manufacturing process requires mostly human labor and there are widely varying wage rates among workers, what is probably the most appropriate basis of applying factory costs to work in process?

Cost of materials used c. Direct labor hours d. Direct labor dollars 6. A typical factory overhead cost is: An industry that would most likely use process costing procedures is: Information as to balances on hand, purchases and requisitions of Raw Material Z is given below: A disadvantage of an hourly wage plan is that it: Provides no incentive for employees to achieve and maintain a high level of production.

Is hardly ever used and is difficult to apply. Establishes a definite rate per hour for each employee. Encourages employees to sacrifice quality in order to maximize earnings. Annual requirement units Cost to place an order Rs 3.

A manufacturing company manufactures a product which passes through two departments. Remaining units were lost during processing.

Costs incurred by the department were as follows: None of the given options MCQ 2 and 3 are based on the following data: Allied chemical company reported the following production data for its department:MGT Cost and Management Accounting Assignment No 1 Solution Due Date May You can find all assignments files from assignment tab under VU tab.

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MGT Cost & Management srmvision.comad/upload Video Lectures, Handouts, Helping Materials, Assignments Solution, Online Quizzes, GDB, Past Papers, So. 2 BASIC MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING CONCEPTS 1 “It is better to be approximately correct than precisely 1 Is there such a thing as TRUE COST?

NO.” LO 1 COST ASSIGNMENT Cause Cause & & effect effect relationship relationship when when assigning assigning costs costs to to cost cost objects objects Direct Direct costs costs. Cost and management accounting (mgt) assignment no 01 Think small When writing the Common Application essay, or you might decide on a career choice like medical research or international banking if product or service innovations address the need.

Jul 02,  · SEMESTER SPRING COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING (MGT) ASSIGNMENT NO. 02 DUE DATE: 1ST JULY MARKS: 30 Learning objectives: To enable the students to prepare cost of production report along with treatment of normal and abnormal loss.

Assignment: Superior Products Manufacturer .