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Custom essay writing cheap car

Another similarity in the legal requirement is the driving license. One can not drive a motorcycle or a car without a valid and current driving license: The tuning up in both cases is similar and uses the same mechanism: Differences A host of differences do exists when the two means of transport are compared.

The most notable one is in their physical shaping which dictates the difference in the storage capacity of the two means of transport.

A car has a large carrying capacity as compared to a motorcycle for both carrying passengers as well as luggage.

custom essay writing cheap car

The safety associated with the two means of transport also varies. Though none of the means is hundred percent safe, a car is considered to be safer to than a motorcycle.

Both means are affected by changes in weather but a motor cycle is mostly affected as compared to a car.

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There are some weather conditions that a motor cycle can not be used but a car can be used: Using a motor cycle during such seasons makes it prone to cause accidents as compared to using of a car. This is usually due to stability issues which are determined by the tires.

The four tires of a car increase its stability more than the case for a motorcycle. The mileage per gallon mpg of a car is far less than of motorcycle. This implies that the motorcycle is economical in terms of fuel usage as compared to a car. Conclusion A car and a motor cycle have got a number of similarities.

Among the similarities include both being used as a means of transport, their use of engine to move, the electrical insulation in both cases etcetera.

Similarly there exist many differences between these two means of transport. The differences include the number tires each means use, their mpg coverage, carrying capacity, their usage occasions etcetera.


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custom essay writing cheap car

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