Did charlie daniels really write a letter to obama

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Did charlie daniels really write a letter to obama

This time the subject is Erin, a gorgeous, Texas rose, fallen into the grips of Crystal Meth addiction. She was born to Devout Christian parents who maintained a strict, conservative home, with the hopes their children would follow suit.

They chose home-school to insure the kids received Christian based curriculum. For reasons never explained, the family relocated to Dallas, where they switched to the public school system.

This change instigated the destruction of their one time ideal life. Today, Erin is one hell of a mess. She is married, the mother of a little girl. Her husband has shipped the child off to live with his mother in Kentucky to protect her from her mother's friends.

He tells us the story with venom. Apparently, a gangster type broke into their home, holding Erin and her daughter hostage at gun point. Erin spends her days at home, hanging out with her friends, smoking Meth and sleeping with various men, while her husband works to pay for everything.

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Like anyone who abuses Meth, Erin has become nearly insane due to staying up for days at a time. We are shown over and over how bad her addiction has become as she frantically sucks on a bong, exhaling huge hits of the stuff that makes her feel better.

She is spun and delusional. The camera looms about as she wanders around her living room, eyes bulging out of her head, acting like a crazy person. Head shot interviews are inter-cut with photos throughout the years.

Various types of music populate the soundtrack to enhance the intended emotional effect of what we see. Voice-over narration and black screens with white text provide the pertinent details.

Tonight's victim fest begins with dramatic music and photos of Erin as a preteen. A woman's voice introduces us to the sick one in a flat tone. The camera finally connects the voice to a an older lady whom we learn is Erin's aunt.

The aging wench smugly tells the camera "She was the Apple of her father's eye, ya know The camera settles again on Erin's aunt, while she mocks her,"How tough can I be?

The camera serves voyeur, hovering, while she gets high wearing next to nothing. In spite of all her drug use, this chick is smoking freaking hot; tall, thin and tanned to perfection.

Her blond hair cascades well beyond the middle of her back. She has stunning blue-green eyes that cause her incredible features to glow. She could be a model.

did charlie daniels really write a letter to obama

Montage is passed back and forth like a game of dodge ball played by everyone involved. Aunt and ugly bald dude take turns in the spotlight, spilling their truths about Erin to the world.

He practically mumbles," She puts herself in the position of a hundred things that can kill her at anytime The camera moves in on Erin, giving us an extreme close-up of her tits again, barely contained by her underwear.

The camera pulls back revealing Erin has two friends with her.Daniel Radcliffe is an English actor. He is best known for his part of Harry, in the Harry Potter movie series.

He has also starred in Broadway plays. Charlie Daniels wrote an open letter to President Obama that appeared on the musician’s official website on June 8, In the letter, Daniels says that Obama has little faith in American ingenuity, American capability, American exceptionalism and American patriotism.

It continues: “You seem. be in the white house. >> i do. >> charlie: so the country was ready james comey didn't. >> with a lot of experience and ideas.

i was ready to be president. >> charlie: and president obama said the most qualified person to ever run for president. >> let's not separate out what happened at the end. >> you had the capacity to transcend whatever. Jun 14,  · That would be really good. Roy Ayers. Play, Would Be.

Charles Green Jr.

16 Copy quote. Charlie Daniels. Taken, Long, Thank God. and the reason I signed with Capitol Records was because they wanted me to write songs myself.

It was pretty scary, but they put me in a studio in Nashville with some new songwriters, and the results were pretty good. Aug 22,  · Just before I left Arkansas for Martha’s Vineyard, I wrote a letter to Bill Armstrong, chairman of my local draft board, telling him I didn’t really want to do the ROTC program and asking him to withdraw my 1- D deferment and put me back in the draft.

But Charlie Rose and his people don’t even deign to expose themselves to any other way of thinking. So he was totally taken aback that Marco Rubio would accuse Hillary Clinton of lying.

Road to Moscow: Bill Clinton’s Early Activism from Fulbright to Moscow