Internet good bad and ugly

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Internet good bad and ugly

The Voice 0 The Internet: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly We have seen a great revolution in technology develop before our very eyes in the past 20 years: A form of technology once reserved for the military, government, and universities, the Internet now plays an important role in culture and in the lives of many people.

The Internet now allows us to communicate with others around the world; it has fundamentally reshaped how people interact with their environment and with one another. Rarely has so much change occurred in so little time! While the technology may be new, human nature is not Ecclesiastes 1: As with most such change, thought of propriety and ethics has lagged behind the technological developments.

The Internet can be a source of great good. Christians can more easily communicate with one another, both on the level of the local church and the universal church. Prayer requests can be expedited, and more people than ever can be praying for those in need James 5: The Internet also facilitates interaction among Christians through social media; spiritually minded websites and weblogs feature prominently in the encouragement and edification of many Christians.

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Through these and other online resources, we can now associate continually with other Christians, both near and far, just as the first Christians associated daily in Jerusalem Acts 2: Perhaps the greatest potential of the Internet is found in evangelism.

Recent studies have shown that people are more comfortable accessing religious information online, and a large percentage of Internet users have done so.

We would do well to harness this potential Matthew Unfortunately, there is also great opportunity for evil on the Internet. Ever since the Internet began gaining popularity, many promoters of sin—pornographers, gambling outfits, con men, and the like—have gone online to peddle their wares.

It is possible to avoid such sins online, and all effort should be made to do so. There is no room for sexually deviant behavior, covetousness, gambling, lying, and such things in the lives of Christians Galatians 5: The Internet also has its ugly side.

Many of the same tools that can be used for good can turn ugly: The Internet reduces many barriers, allowing for communication with those with other belief systems: The temptation to sin by the tongue online remains strong: Christians may stumble while discussing spiritual matters online, since it is too easy to forget that one is communicating with other people when one simply types on a computer James 3: In the end, the Internet is not intrinsically good or evil.

The Internet is a tool which can be used for good or evil: Let us, therefore, use the Internet as a tool for good, to promote the Kingdom, and thus honor and glorify God!Dec 23,  · Watch video · Angel Eyes (The Bad) is a hit man who always commits to a task and sees it through, as long as he is paid to do so.

The Internet: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | The Voice

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The Internet: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Internet good bad and ugly

We have seen a great revolution in technology develop before our very eyes in the past 20 years: the Internet. The Internet Of Things – What Could Go Wrong? There are so many papers on how the IoT, a network of physical objects that interact with each other and the environment around them, is changing the world, that another “praising” article would be just a waste of time.

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