Nikhef master thesis format

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Nikhef master thesis format

The Nikhef group is playing an important role in this experiment. The detector operates at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory and consists of a so-called dual-phase xenon time-projection chamber filled with kg of ultra-pure xenon. Our group has an opening for a motivated MSc student to do analysis with the data from this detector.

The work will consist of understanding the signals that come out of the detector and applying machine learning tools to improve the reconstruction performance in our Python-based analysis tool. The final goal is to improve the signal-to-background for the dark matter search. There will also be opportunity to do data-taking shifts at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory in Italy.

nikhef master thesis format

Patrick Decowski The Modulation Experiment: Data Analysis There exist a few measurements that suggest an annual modulation in the activity of radioactive sources.

With a few groups from the XENON collaboration we have developed four sets of table-top experiments to investigate this effect on a few well known radioactive sources. We urgently need a master student to 1 analyze the first big data set, and 2 contribute to the first physics paper from the experiment.

We are looking for all-round physicists with interest in both lab-work and data-analysis. The student s will directly collaborate with the other groups in this small collaboration around 10 peopleand the goal is to have the first physics publication ready by the end of the project.

During the season there are positions for two MSc students. In this formalism, bSM effects are encapsulated in higher-dimensional operators constructed from SM fields respecting their symmetry properties.

The quark and gluon internal structure of heavy nuclei in the LHC era A precise knowledge of the parton distribution functions PDFs of the proton is essential in order to make predictions for the Standard Model and beyond at hadron colliders.

The presence of nuclear medium and collective phenomena which involve several nucleons modifies the parton distribution functions of nuclei nPDFs compared to those of a free nucleon. These modifications have been investigated by different groups using global analyses of high energy nuclear reaction world data.

It is important to determine the nPDFs not only for establishing perturbative QCD factorisation in nuclei but also for applications to heavy-ion physics and neutrino physics. In this project the student will join an ongoing effort towards the determination of a data-driven model of nPDFs, and will learn how to construct tailored Artificial Neural Networks ANNs.

Combined QCD analysis of parton distribution and fragmentation functions The formation of hadrons from quarks and gluons, or collectively partons, is a fundamental QCD process that has yet to be fully understood. Since parton-to-hadron fragmentation occurs over long-distance scales, such information can only be extracted from experimental observables that identify mesons and baryons in the final state.

However, charged hadron production in unpolarized pp and inelastic lepton-proton scattering also require information about the momentum distributions of the quarks and gluons in the proton, which is encoded in non-perturbative parton distribution functions PDFs.

In this project, a simultaneous treatment of both PDFs and FFs in a global QCD analysis of single inclusive hadron production processes will be made to determine the individual parton-to-hadron FFs. Furthermore, a robust statistical methodology with an artificial neural network learning algorithm will be used to obtain a precise estimation of the FF uncertainties.

Charm is in the Quark Gluon Plasma The goal of heavy-ion physics is to study the Quark Gluon Plasma QGPa hot and dense medium where quarks and gluons move freely over large distances, larger than the typical size of a hadron. Hydrodynamic simulations expect that the QGP will expand under its own pressure, and cool while expanding.

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These simulations are particularly successful in describing some of the key observables measured experimentally, such as particle spectra and various orders of flow harmonics.

Charm quarks are produced very early during the evolution of a heavy-ion collision and can thus serve as an idea probe of the properties of the QGP.This short guide introduces the idea of a PhD thesis consisting of 'three papers' as an.

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NIKHEF theses in. Dr. A.

Heijboer, Nikhef Dr. T. Eberl, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg Prof. dr. E.R. Eliel Prof. dr. A.

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Achúcarro Casimir PhD series, Delft-Leiden ISBN published in print format An electronic version of this thesis can be found at . Master Thesis - Physics The performance of NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors For determining the decay rate of radioactive sources in a modulation experiment. The Thesis & Dissertation Office recommends using the file.

Why? Thousands have graduated using it. All formatting details are done automatically, you can concentrate on the content of your thesis instead of worrying about margins, typefaces, etc. In this thesis, we establish the rate of pion misidenti cation (as muons) in the K0 s!ˇ+ˇ channel at the LHCb detector at CERN.

This provides background information for the rare decays of D 0and B two muons. We analysed the data from the LHCb detector taken in May and October of , among them the data sample which is used for the Charm analysis. › Forums › Developer › Phd Thesis Format V Tune – This topic contains 0 Space and indent your thesis or dissertation following these – NikhefTheses are available in compressed PostScript format and/or PDF format Good school/bad school: Paradox and master's thesis song fabrication.

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