The significance and symbolism of the cemetery

Understanding Cemetery Symbolism Headstone Symbols: Understanding Cemetery Symbolism View our Headstones When choosing a headstone we often pick headstone symbols and emblems with little knowledge about the symbolism behind it. This glossary of cemetery symbolism has been assembled from various sources, which are credited at the bottom of this page, to help you understand the meaning of the various symbols.

The significance and symbolism of the cemetery

Videos Symbols Found on Gravestones The following is a list of cemetery symbols and icons.

The significance and symbolism of the cemetery

Symbolism in artworkwhether paintings or on gravestones, reflects the culture which created the work and can have multiple meanings. I will also be enhancing this list with my own further research, which will be noted in a different color. Be sure to be aware of and follow all local laws and statutes when visiting a cemetery, including applying for any necessary permits or permissions needed before making a gravestone rubbing.

Laws and regulations can differ for national cemeteries as well, with stricter regulations in place at a veteran's cemetery, such as the one located in San Diego. Also, keep your safety in mind at all times to prevent any type of personal injury, such as a trip and fall due to uneven or soft ground.

Keep these simple tips in mind and your cemetery excursions won't end with a call to a lawyer or a trip to the emergency room.

This list is only a portion of such information that can be found in: Feel free to use these listings in your studiesbut do not generate your own list for your own website or anything other than personal use using this one.

The following are some symbolic animal designs: Ants - Christian industry. Bats - rare The underworld.

Bees - Resurrection; risen Christ. Some older burial art features only wings to convey the symbol of divine mission.

St. John’s Cemetery, Parramatta, Australia’s oldest surviving European cemetery, was established in an old stock paddock on the outskirts of Parramatta as a general burial ground for . The Grave Secrets of Symbols and Iconography of the Cemetery by M-Gillies Angel of Grief is the last sculpture created by William Wetmore Story which serves as the grave stone of the artist and his wife at the Protestant Cemetery, Rome. The following is a list of cemetery symbols and icons. This list is provided by The International Association of Cemetery Preservationists, Inc. and Dusty Smith for educational purposes in the field of gravestone studies.

Often denote the graves of children, eternal life. Butterfly - The soul, Although quite rare, it is occasionally seen on graves most often of children. It is symbolic of the resurrection of Christ.

The meaning is derived from the three stages of the life of the butterfly—the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and the butterfly.

The three stages are symbols of life, death and resurrection. Cardinal — Passion for life. Cobra - Death an Egyptian influence. Cock Rooster - Awakening to resurrection.Headstone Symbolism Symbols on Headstones Demystified. When choosing a headstone or grave marker, we often pick design elements with little knowledge about the symbolism behind glossary of cemetery symbolism will help you to understand the meaning of the many design elements.

Below, hear from Staff Sgt. Jonathan Goodrich, a veteran of two tours in Iraq, who describes the significance of paying tribute to fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

Soldier: Serving. There is more than one interpretation for some symbols so interpretations must be used as possibilities, not certainties. General Gravestone Symbolism. See Clasped Hands: Symbolism in New Orleans Cemeteries, by Leonard V. Huber, published by the Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Southwestern Louisiana.

It is fully illustrated and deals only with gravestones and tombs. Cemetery Symbolism Cemetery markers often have intricate patterns and symbols carved upon them. These symbols usually possess special meanings to those buried there or transmit messages to those visiting--acting as subtle reminders of the deceased or perhaps offering advice to those remaining behind.

There is so much symbolism in the soft and deep etches on each stone–in forms of flowers, words, animals, and other significant bas-relief and fixtures. RELATED: Oakwood . Learn the meaning of the gravestone symbolism of hands pointing up or down, or hands that are clasped, in this guide to tombstone symbols and icons.

The significance and symbolism of the cemetery

Cemetery Symbolism: Clasped Hands and .

The Dead Speak: Symbolism In Cemeteries